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"You were born together and together you shall be forevermore...
But let there be spaces in your togetherness.
And let the winds of the heavens dance between you."

birthday news and more
11:34 p.m. & 2007-07-08

Forgive me, Friends... for it has been almost 4 months since my last entry. It seems like I am always apologising for not updating more often. Truth be told- I am no longer in denial. When it comes to tasks that I might have every intention of completing, I fail miserably. I am indeed a slacker. I would just like to know how others momma's out there seem to find time for anything, much less any sort of extra-curricular tasks to be done. I am around many other moms that are quite capable of multi-tasking in ways I can only stand in awe of. I about broke into tears of joy one late night as I was watching a 'for moms' show on t.v. where the host talked of moms that go three days without showers due to chaotic schedules, avoiding company because their houses closely resembled ground zero zones and what not. It made me feel more human and like there are other moms out there like me. I am fortunate in many aspects, I do have help. Shawn has been the most amazing hublet and father. He does way more than I dared to hope for. He is definately hands on and in tune to not just our children's needs- but mine also. If he sees me getting too tired or knows I might need a break, he isn't above whipping up a dinner, doing some light housekeeping or watching the twins so that I might get a nap or just relax. And I have been able to shower on a rather regular if not more than regular schedule since throwing the twins in the tub with me keeps them entertained and all three of us clean. And as for the ground zero-ness of our home, there are days that I'd faint if an unexpected guest popped in. But for the most part, it's not filth but your everyday average clutter of having two one year old babies running about. And even though I despair often and sometimes get a wee bit depressed, I know that I am blessed and more often than not treasure the messes and the chaos.

The twins celebrated their first birthday on June 16th. That day, we went home to my Father's house in Saginaw and had a small party for a few relatives and my friend Jeanette made it. It turned out wonderfully well and the twins really seemed to have enjoyed themselves. The very next weekend, we had a somewhat larger party at home for the friends and family up here. My house now looks like Sesame Street blew up and shit Elmo's everywhere! They got Elmo activity chairs, animated Elmo's (8 more to add to their collection- oh my!), Elmo trains and cars and anything else people could find. The twins definately love their Elmos! It was bitter-sweet for them to have their first b-day. It was emotional to look back on the past year and see how much they have grown. What were once 4 pound 9 ounce bundles of pure baby joy are now 20 plus pounds of starting to walk, starting to talk, teething handfuls of toddler chaos. But they are so much fun now! Watching Spencer motor about like it is nobody's business andlisten to Miss Meadow stand and preach her baby gibberish as she leans against our legs is an amazing feat to behold. They have developed their personalities mor enow than ever before... and I can now see how each child has developed into these amazing and wonderful little people.

Spencer was once the shy, laid-back silent observer whereas Meadow was the outspoken people person. But now, their rolls have reversed. Spencer started to sit up, crawl and is now walking about like a little man on a mission. One quick turn of the head for a mere 2 seconds and he can be gone into another room or down the hallway before you even knew what happened. He loves people and is no longer shy. He gabs up a storm, flirts and just enjoys everything. He is always, always happy and an absolute pleasure to be around. Meadow is now the more shy child. She has to warm up to people she doesn't see on a day to day basis. She talks up a storm, in fact, I have deemed it preaching. But only when she feels safe to do so. She sits back and observes silently- never very far from her Daddy. She is still ever the Daddy's Girl much to Shawn's delight. She rolls around like a little sausage but doesn't crawl yet. Only recently did she start sitting up and only after trying to get someone to do it for her. Not that she couldn't do more if she wanted to, she's definately lazy. Spencer looks a lot like my brother Adam's sons. He has the biggest, bluest eyes I have ever seen. Meadow is for lack of a better explanation, a mini-me. She has my every featue right down to the little ringlets that adorn her head. Both have a temper when they feel the need to bring it out. Ones that can be rather exhausting to say the least. They both love televsion. Especially the PBS channel called Sprout that is a pre-school geared station that bears nothing but age appropriate cartoons and educational programs. Their all time favorite by far is Sesame Street- much to our delight. Although, Miss Baby has taken a liking to both Barney and teh Teletubbies which Daddy and I are both quick to turn the channel when they come on if we can before she gets into it enough to have a temper tanturm when we do.

They both are eating table foods well now. Spencer is a bit more picky than Meadow, but nothing I'd worry about. Miss Baby will eat anything and everything and chews well whereas Spencer is still mastering the chewing aspect of eating so we have to take a bit more care with his food. They are both on whole milk and have been weaned off of their soy formula. We're even now starting on weaning them from bottles to sippy cups which thankfully, neither child seems to mind. They both love flavored water too and take great pride in the fact that their Daddy doesn't mind sharing his waters with them and will even let them drink from his bottle on occasion.

Both of the twins LOVE the great outdoors. They like to crawl about through the grass, play in their Dora the Explorer Pirate Ship Adventure playhouse they got from their Aunts Lisa, Tania and my Dad for their birthday. And their swimming pool? Good Lord! You'd have thought they had gills. We have little floatation rings with seats in them and from day one in the pool, they have been in love. We knew that they would like the water, but their love of it amazes me. Miss Baby leans forward and spreads her feet out behind her kicking up a storm and doggy-paddling thorughout the pool. Spencer isn't far behind her yet he isn't near as coordinated as she is. They also love to go for rides in their power wheels that we bought them this past easter. They have handles protruding from the back that Daddy and I can steer and push the go button with until the twins learn to steer and make them go with their own buttons on the steering wheel. We often take them through the neighborhood in their cars to get them out and about.

As for me, I'm tired a lot. Working on trying to cope with the heat this summer has brought on. Trying to maintain an energy level so that I can keep up with the twins, still work for as long as possible and still function as a human being. I've just rolled past my 7th month of this pregnancy, which is going well. The baby is predicted to be a big baby and is much more active than the twins ever were. Probably for the fact that he has more room. We've just recently had another ultra sound including the 3-D one. He's definately big, already weighing in at 4 pounds if the tech's measurements are correct and all seems to be well. We could tell that he will have Shawn's nose. LOL! He is still a boy. We've decided to name him Noah Shawn. He is scheduled to be born via C-section on August 20th, a date i am counting the time down with each passing day. I am very excited for him to be born and hope that the twins will adjust to their new brother easily.

People keep asking me if I plan to return to work and the answer is yes, I do. I have contemplated it a lot but it all boils down to the fact that I really need to. I mean, I could indeed stay home and be a full time momma. But it would be to their detriment as money would become much tighter and we'd have to scrape by. I have so many wants for my children, that I can't not go back to work. I want to be able to buy them the fun things in life that children deserve to have like the power wheels and educational toys. I want to be able to put funding away for their college educations God willing. And to to so on one income right now would be nearly impossible.

So thath's where we are now. It won;t be long now, and I'll have to go out on maternity leave from work. The heat is getting to be too much, especially working in a factory. My body is quickly starting to show its displeasure at my still working and in the heat. My back is always aching something fierce, my ankles are all but a distant memory now and my sugar has been acting up and dropping dangerously low. I'm just hoping to get through the end of July. That's my goal for myself. But we'll see.

I thank you all for tuning in, pray that once again you accept my apologies for the sparse updates and wish you all well. This Momma will sign off now knowing that my babies are fast asleep hopefully dreaming pleasant dreams... and I'm going to hunt down 'Big Daddy' and hopefully manage some quiet, cuddle time just he and I.



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